I create music, poetry, books and art that explore our existence, helping us remember who we are.

Vibe with me.


Join me on social media for daily poetic riffs that fly deep into the abyss of existentialism, metaphysics, and possibility as I question all that is, all that was, and all that will be. 

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A timely thriller illuminating facts regarding the state of the world’s energy crisis, climate change, and the quandary of nuclear energy – inspired by events in Fukushima, unexpected earthquakes across the planet, and the deterioration of nuclear power plants worldwide.


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“A suspenseful and entertaining disaster novel. A claustrophobic and anxiety-producing thriller that will keep readers counting down to the final second.”— KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A heart-stopper! An action-packed rollercoaster ride until the very end.” — LM BOOK REVIEW

The plot, the passion and the environmental nightmare this book conjures up deserve SIX stars out of five! A satisfying read!” — NETGALLEY

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Poetic musings of my soul seeking and receiving as I question existence, relate it to the modern world, and observe.

Coming Soon!

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A collection of musings about muses — a deep gaze into the brith of intimate relationships and their demise told through intergalactic poetic riffs.

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See through both sides. Two viewpoints arise. 
Risen as it was and cannot hide. 
Don’t abide. Look out with double vision. 
Seek casks of river reflection, perspective collective recollection. 

View from obtuse angles. 
Manifestation of perception. 
Clarity of introspection. 
Jangle your soul until it’s empty. 
Be the viewer and the vision seeker,
ocular telepathic change-agent boiling beaker—the shrill sneaker. 

Look out through both your eyes, double vision’ll arise, comprised of it all. 
Two in one. One in all.

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Everywhere I go I see poetry in visual forms.
Black and white film allows me to capture the essence of what is.

Find the magic.

See the light in all things.

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I prefer the aural flavors of Radiohead, Massive Attack, AIR, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie with a splash of Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane. You’ll hear threads of them in my music.

I’m tapping into the astral when I create with sound. Never thinking. Always feeling.

I love to work in alternate tunings such as 432hz and 444hz. I feel those tunings are harmonious with the Universe, the body, and the Earth. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, and many more have all recorded and toured in these tunings.

We all agree on something, somewhere. A vibe, an essence… a knowing. We are music. We are endless. We are everything.

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A collaborative effort between creative masterminds Greg Papania, Andrew Chapin, Antony Galvan, and Bernardo Vidal, Altered Perspectives is tuned to 432hz, layered with solfeggio and binaural tones, and mixed in Dolby ATMOS Surround Sound.

This musical journey will take you from root chakra to crown and out onto the astral plane where time and space cease to exist. We promise you'll return to this realm in harmonic alignment. Enjoy.





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I use crystal bowls, chimes, nature sounds & analog synthesizers all tuned to 432hz interwoven with binaural tones to create a tapestry of healing music that harmonizes your energy field and balances your chakras.

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I'm a multi-faceted creator living in Los Angeles, CA crafting works that explore social awareness and the human psyche – delving into the nature of reality, consciousness, and existential questions faced by many. I express my perspectives and perceptions through music, novels, poetry, art, & photography.

For more than a decade I have worked as a music producer, sound mixer, and recording engineer for Snoop Dogg, Amy Winehouse, Patti LaBelle, and many other award winning artists, television shows, and feature films.