A timely thriller illuminating facts regarding the state of the world’s energy crisis, climate change, and the quandary of nuclear energy – inspired by events in Fukushima, unexpected earthquakes across the planet, and the deterioration of nuclear power plants worldwide.

Bear Mountain Nuclear Energy Center sits one mile outside the active Ramapo fault line, thirty-five miles from the center of New York City. The fault line rocks causing a massive earthquake in the town of Peekskill; power is clipped and control of one of the reactors at Bear Mountain is abruptly lost.

Plant supervisor Trace Crane fights to save the reactor while his wife Avi searches for their daughter in the destroyed Northeast. As the condition of the reactor plummets and radiation is released into the environment, Trace is left to choose between saving the nuclear plant, the East Coast, and the twenty million residents of the New York metro area or finding his family and saving himself.


“MELTDOWN is a must-read book, a veritable handbook about what we all face from deadly nuclear power. It's a thriller, a technology and morality tale, and a superb novel full of hard, ominous facts about nuclear power plant catastrophe. It happened at Chernobyl, it happened at Fukushima and it will occur again and again. GP James in his brilliant, extraordinary book explodes the baloney claims of the nuclear proponents and in human terms presents the inevitable consequences if we don't stop lethal atomic energy now and turn to safe, clean, green power here today— energy we can live with. GP James' Meltdown is a landmark work on nuclear power.” 

— Karl Grossman, Professor of Journalism, State University of New York, Author of COVER UP: WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT NUCLEAR POWER 

“Bear Mountain remains a deadly warning that all nuke reactors must shut. GP James’s MELTDOWN is a powerful reminder, a tale of bravery and loss that should reinforce our resolve to get rid of this failed technology once and for all.”

— Harvey Wasserman, Author of  SOLARTOPIA! OUR GREEN-POWERED EARTH 


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