I prefer the aural flavors of Radiohead, Massive Attack, AIR, Pink Floyd, and David Bowie with a splash of Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane. You’ll hear threads of them in my music.

I’m tapping into the astral when I create with sound. Never thinking. Always feeling.

I love to work in alternate tunings such as 432hz and 444hz. I feel those tunings are harmonious with the Universe, the body, and the Earth. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, and many more have all recorded and toured in these tunings.

We all agree on something, somewhere.

A vibe, an essence… a knowing.

We are music. We are endless. We are everything.




A collaborative effort between Greg, Andrew Chapin, Antony Galvan, and Bernardo Vidal, Altered Perspectives is tuned to 432hz, layered with solfeggio and binaural tones, and mixed in Dolby ATMOS Surround Sound.

This musical journey will take you from root chakra to crown and out onto the astral plane where time and space cease to exist. We promise you'll return to this realm in harmonic alignment.


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